Best of Kitchen Knives

One Set to Rule them All.

Ever’thing you need to know about owning, using and choosing the best kitchen knives you’ll ever need.

– Best of Ever’thing

The perfect setup

Chef’s Knife – Best blade you can find
Max 7 pieces set – KIS Technology (Sharp for life)
Small steak knifes set.
Max Budget : 200$ or less

Why and for what :

The knife sets that are equipped with KIS ( Self Sharpening) stand, are always sharp, due to the grind stone inside. In every kitchen I ever worked, and that was for 2 years, all the chefs had a small set, composed of 3 pieces, from Zwilling ,Wüsthof, Global and Victory Inox. You could always find these knives among 1 start Chefs, to the lowest kitchen help ( that i was at some point).

Even if you cut yourself it would be a clean wound ( I did it a lot) and it will close itself much faster than a dull knife.

Fun tip: Cutting onions with a sharp knife will make you avoid those most desired tears.

In a lifetime, you will spend less money on knives, and 3 times as less time spent in a kitchen.

You can create art and fine dining at your home.

You are staring fresh in the cooking industry and you are looking for your first set as a professional chef OR you’ve learned how to cook, and want to make sure it’s the best experience

Industrial made

Rating: 1.5 out of 5.
  • Quality : Low / Ceramic/ Industrial dull steel
  • Sharpening : Limited before the blade gets dull.
  • Life expectancy : 3 -6 months
  • Price Range : 5 – 20$ – World Wide
  • Utility : Low to Medium
  • The Cheapest
  • They can be found in any utility store and supermatket.

Common Brands

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.
  • Quality : Medium to Good
  • Sharpening : A few good times before dull.
  • Life expectancy : 1-3 years depending on blade
  • Price Range : 30 – 150$ – World Wide
  • Utility : Good
  • They can be found in specialized knife or kitchen shops, and some supermarkets
  • Brand like : Sabatier,Tefal,Royal, etc

The Best Choice

Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • Quality : Very Good – KIS Technology
  • Sharpening : Always sharp, no effort
  • Life expectancy : 5-25 years depending on blade
  • Price Range : 150 – 200$ – World Wide
  • Utility : Very Good
  • They can be found in specialized knife or kitchen shops, or online.
  • Brand like : Zwilling knives by J.A. Henckels,Wüsthof, Global and Victory Inox.

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