Best of buying Cheapest PC Games

There is a method to get legit, original, Pc games.. and more.

Some might know, but if you don’t know.. now you know..Gamer.


Allkeyshop is a webiste that will sell cd-keys across multiple platforms. It is mostly used by PC Gamers but not limited to that. The library contains all available games that can be downloaded digitaly.

” The Google of CD-Keys”

Once you are online, just search for the desired game and …poof..a table with multiple websites will show you the cheapest prices and what kind of packages they have( Deluxe, Enhanced, Premium,etc)

How to use it.

Pick the best option you see from the list, go on that webisite, create an account and get the cd-key.

After that, go into the client and “Redeem the Cd-key” or “Activate CD-key” , depends on the client.

Boom you have the game, on the desired client at the lowest price online. Yw.

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