Best of Avocado

The best ways to eat and cook Avocado. With the minimum amount of extra ingredients, and the maximum amount of the Green Super Food.

Why Avocado?

1.The Guacamole

To fully enjoy and not waste a “drop” of avocado, is the Guacamole. Now there are 808 ways to do it, but you should choose what tickles your taste.

  • Get some avocado (2-3 should be fine).
  • Get some tomatoes, onion and cilantro. Make it your own
    • Tomatoes – Cherry or Garden – for great taste
    • Onion – charlotte onion/white spanish for finer taste, Red for color mostly.
    • Cilantro – the ones your grandma picked, would be the best
    • Choose your own but keep those 3.. oh and Jalapeno if you want.
  • Get some limes (for juice) and salt.
  • Mix them all together in a style to give it a smooth texture.. or not.
  • Trow the Green Dip in the fridge for at least 1 hours and BOOM.
  • There are 3000 recipes online, be creative.

2. The Spread (Avocado/Feta)

This spread will make your friends and family look for hours without finding it in a store. Also you actually know what goes inside.

  • Get them avocados (2-3)
  • Get a block of FETA cheese or white chesse.
  • Now, i suggest adding pepper and salt, some very thin chopped onion and lime juice.
  • That’s it but it’s flipping good as simple as this is.

3.Avocado Gazpacho Soup

Now this a “soup” to make you feel healthy as you have never eaten a burger before.

The recipes are out there, in multiple ways. The basis is avocado, spicing and garlic. Add for your liking some onion and herbs.

Mix and Blend.

4.Avocado Mayo

Now this can actually replace mayo. Yes i know.. nothing can..but how about a perfectly healthy spread/sauce that you can make it taste even better than mayo.

Mix these ingredients as you like :

  • Avocado- maybe 2
  • Garlic – a lot
  • Lemon juice – a little
  • Dijon mustard – imagine is spicy, so just a few spoons
  • Olive oil – a little up front, and at the end to make it as smooth as you want.

Mix them all until it’s smooth like mayo and boom, try adding it to a sandwich i dare you!

5.Pico de Gallo Verde

Now to something a little different. How about something sour with your steak? or fish? or some greasy food you can find.

Now here’s where you start :

  • Get some avocados and some pickled cucumber. The number depends on how sour you want this thing.
  • Get some herbs and mix it together. I would go with thyme or if you don’t have the time, go with dill or cilantro, or tarragon if you feel daring.
  • The rest is some small onion, salt, pepper and lime juice. Don’t forget the lime.

6.Avocado Dressing

Well, i think you got the idea so far. The ingredients are almost the same, but i will suggest this one to be made with Basil and Lime zest, for salad.

Now you can find all those recipes and more, online. The fact is, these are the Best ways to eat and serve avocado at it’s fullest , with the minimum use of other stuff around the place.

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