Best of Torrents

Free Movies, Games, Music, Software, and why.

Torrents are small files that represent a gateway to someone’s source, and that source is usually movies, games, music,software. They are mostly pirated but it’s a good start if you cannot afford buying them or paying a monthly subscription as they try to salvage more money from anyone regardless the wage they earn.

  •  14.99$/Month – Ubisoft Games
  • 14.99$ /Month – Origin Games
  • 13.99 $/ Month – Netflix
  • 6.99$ / Month – Disney
  • 9.99$ / Month – Spotify
  • Starting price for a new AA game – 60$ – All platforms.
  • Renting a movie – 1.99 – 3.99$ on Youtube.

60$/month + Extra expenses – will allow you to watch and play from a limited list, huge yes, but predefined.

In around 10 countries 60$ + More/month is 0.03% from people working for Minimum Wage.

In over 80 countries 60$ + More/month is >23.50% from people working for Minimum Wage.

So here are the best Torrent websites you could find.This is for the people who cannot afford these modern services and want to enjoy things that won’t hurt anyone. If you loved something specific , please reward the creators and buy the product.Always.

If a website from this list is down, feel free to send me a message.

Here’s the free software to use these files :

uTorrent and Bitcomet

The Best of Torrent Webistes

Hello 1337, or the Google of torrents ( at least one of them). Most local and small websites get their stuff from here. I think you may even find secrets of the universe in this massive torrent database.

Free for signup and locally. This website still has a great database, you might want to create an account while is still not invite only.

This is quite old and quite known, but i felt like i should share it as well. The second Google of Torrents, or Bing, let’s bring some fame to Bing as well, they are trying. is a modest website but they are masters when it comes to TV Shows. The list goes on and on, from oldest to newest and so on. Bet you can find your favorite TV Show you used to watch.

If everything else fails there is one more you can try to find you treasure.

A nice website that you can use with no fear, and you can also find a lot of good content.

Memorial mentioning (ex .ro)

For more than 12 years to this date, this website was our friend and it was there when ever we need it. It is invite only based, and for good reasons. It is made for Romania, but the database is international.Only a VIP member can actually invite new users, who knows, maybe some invites will be available.


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